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About BCCA

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For more information, please visit our website.

About the Construction Apprenticeship Program (CAP)

In collaboration with the Government of British Columbia, this exciting new province-wide initiative will partner small to medium-scale construction enterprises (SME) with future first year Red Seal Trades apprentices.

CAP is actively looking for Future Apprentices based in <Location(s)>. As a Future Apprentice, CAP will be hands-on in providing your SME employer all the training tools to achieve your Red Seal license in your chosen trade!

As a new apprentice, you will see yourself:

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For more information about the program, please visit this link.

About You

To qualify, you will need <this required qualification>

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As our ideal candidate, you will possess the following <soft skills> that will make you succeed in this role, as well as other <personality traits> that will make you a perfect culture fit.

(OPTIONAL paragraph on DEI) BCCA is an equal opportunity organization that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion in its hiring practices. We celebrate our inclusive recruitment process and encourage candidates of all backgrounds and underrepresented sectors to apply. Embracing our differences and utilizing the strength of a diverse workforce is crucial for the success of our industry!

Why Work As A <Tradesperson>

As one of the fastest growing industries in the country, the BC construction industry makes a strong contribution to the provincial economic growth. The median wage as a Red Seal licensed <Tradesperson> is around $___, with some advanced, highly skilled Journeypersons, earning up to $___, due to their high demand.

You will enjoy exceptional career progression, with opportunities to travel and work with some of the most innovative contractors all over BC. With CAP's assistance in getting you the placement and paid onsite training, you now have the opportunity to get your career started and take advantage of its long term benefits!

BC Construction Companies Hiring Now!

As part of the ever-growing CAP network all over BC, these companies are hiring future apprentices like you:

Do you want to jumpstart your career in the construction industry? If you want to take advantage of this incredibly outstanding program that will shape the future of our workforce, then we invite you to apply today!

Not interested in this trades program? CAP has more than 30 apprenticeship programs that are actively hiring! Check our apprenticeship portal and find your next career!

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